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Project Support Officer - British Youth Council
Posted: 05/01/2018

Local Charities Day 2017
Support Local Charities Day 2017 on Friday 15th December
Posted: 13/12/2017

Help WCT with business plan
WCT is looking for assistance with Business Planning inclding financial planning
Posted: 30/11/2017

Malvern Hills Community Awards 2017
Help to recognise those who have made a positive impact to communities in Malvern Hillson our community
Posted: 16/10/2017

Success Factors for Voluntary Sector Projects - Research Report
Research report published into the key success factors for voluntary and community sector projects in Worcestershire.
Posted: 20/09/2017

Bid Writing
Worcester Muslin Welfare Association is looking for assistance in writing bids for grants and funding.
Posted: 15/07/2017

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06/01/2018 04:28:58
the elix
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Several people are not aware of ozone therapy. One must know that this rehabilitation is beneficial for everyone. This treatment increases the amount of oxygen in our body. With the proper flow of oxygen, our organs work appropriately, and body circulates an adequate amount of blood. Best IV vitamin therapy works commendably for our skin by providing sufficient glow and helps in removing age wrinkles. It is essential for us to maintain proper health so that every body part works accurately. Sometimes people opt for vitamin dip to boost their immune system. Once the immune system is healthy body will not be able to catch any disease easily. 
Most of the times we are not satisfied with our looks and want to give a different look toourselves, that is one of the reasons people choose lasertherapy. This therapy helps in enhancing our features according to our need.
With the advancement in technology, different ways have been found to give adequate results to customers. Cryotherapy treatment is practiced nowadays so that a person can get relief from their nerve pain in less time. It treats annoyance of an isolated nerve efficiently so that a person can feel relaxed.

Posted: 06/01/2018 04:28:58
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