Help WCT with business plan
WCT is looking for assistance with Business Planning inclding financial planning
Posted: 30/11/2017

Malvern Hills Community Awards 2017
Help to recognise those who have made a positive impact to communities in Malvern Hillson our community
Posted: 16/10/2017

Success Factors for Voluntary Sector Projects - Research Report
Research report published into the key success factors for voluntary and community sector projects in Worcestershire.
Posted: 20/09/2017

Bid Writing
Worcester Muslin Welfare Association is looking for assistance in writing bids for grants and funding.
Posted: 15/07/2017

Swap and Share - Malvern Families
Onside Advancacy are seeking expressions of interest for facilitators to run their Swap and Share Project in Malvern
Posted: 15/07/2017

House of Lords Select Committee on Charities
Report and Reccommendations of the House of Lords Select Committee on Charities
Posted: 29/03/2017

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What are your priorities? 29/11/2013 21:27:10
Voices Forum
Worcestershire Voices
Join Date: 26/11/2013
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What are your priorities? The Worcestershire Voices Forum on 27th November 2013 highlighted the opportunities and challenges facing our sector and the Economy Workshop looked at the big picture for Worcestershire. We see cuts in public sector (30% over 3 years in Worcestershire County Council) and targeted growth in the private sector (10% above trend growth over the next 5 or 10 years across Worcestershire Local Enterprise Partnership). We are invited to join the discussions on how to apply £58.3m of EU Funding some with a specifically Social Inclusion objective (2014-20) and £2Bn of Single Local Growth Fund 2015-23.
It is clear that business as usual is not an option but what are our priorities and solutions as a sector? We are invited to organise what we believe we need rather than relying on infrastructure and services programmes defined by various levels of government.
The papers from the Economy and Prosperity Workshop will be elsewhere on this site shortly.
Worcestershire Voices is inviting you to use this channel to debate what the key issues are and how to proceed.

Posted: 29/11/2013 21:27:10
04/02/2014 11:29:45
Roger Britton
Hope Unlimited
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We need to be all over the LEPs "Growth Bid" making certain that it sees the contribution of human capital as core to economic success. 
Posted: 04/02/2014 11:29:45
06/02/2014 12:45:57
Derek Markie
Worcestershire Voices
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Thank you for your input Roger and sorry for the slow follow-up, a teething problem with me and our web-site! Anyway we would certainly agree with your ambition. We had suggested that alongside the “GameChanger Sites” they had a GameChanging thread around people issues and we are continuing to work with two initiatives.
The first within the Social Inclusion Group is looking at a continuous and long-term approach to those who are a long way from employment due to education, location, health or lifestyle issues and we hope this will be supported across all areas of both voluntary and statutory advice, guidance, support and intervention.
The second is a strategic meeting currently being planned when we can explore the whole approach and the role of the VCS as the voice of Civil Society. I don’t know whether you heard Christine Lagarde’s Dimbleby lecture earlier this week (watch or read) but she identified all the areas you touch on plus environmental as essential to changing the Growth Game at global level. Particularly she identified unfettered competition, ignoring widening inequalities within as well as between nations and the increasing instability associated with everything speeding we have a good ally in a very high place!
It remains difficult to get our message in every line of a document which is rather proscribed in its context of Heseltine’s original “No Stone Unturned” thinking but the risk of wasting human resource – the ultimate source of all energy for growth is certainly a key thrust.

Posted: 06/02/2014 12:45:57
07/02/2014 10:54:24
Lorna Pearcey
Worcestershire Voices
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I think the recognition of the contribution of VCS makes and can make going forward in terms of employment and growth is huge. The more we can demonstrate this impact the more the sector will be engaged. I know this is a key challenge at the moment in particular, demonstrating impact and keeping our work sustainable!
Posted: 07/02/2014 10:54:24
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