Help WCT with business plan
WCT is looking for assistance with Business Planning inclding financial planning
Posted: 30/11/2017

Malvern Hills Community Awards 2017
Help to recognise those who have made a positive impact to communities in Malvern Hillson our community
Posted: 16/10/2017

Success Factors for Voluntary Sector Projects - Research Report
Research report published into the key success factors for voluntary and community sector projects in Worcestershire.
Posted: 20/09/2017

Bid Writing
Worcester Muslin Welfare Association is looking for assistance in writing bids for grants and funding.
Posted: 15/07/2017

Swap and Share - Malvern Families
Onside Advancacy are seeking expressions of interest for facilitators to run their Swap and Share Project in Malvern
Posted: 15/07/2017

House of Lords Select Committee on Charities
Report and Reccommendations of the House of Lords Select Committee on Charities
Posted: 29/03/2017

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Worcestershire Voices - Volunteering Priority

The Board have decided to focus on Volunteering as volunteers play a significant role in the VCS in Worcestershire.

Why this is a priority:

Volunteers play a key role in 21st Century Britain - from the high profile London Olympics Games Makers to the many thousands who volunteer across Worcestershire every day. Developing volunteering and nurturing volunteers is therefore important at this time.   

What we are currently doing:

Worcestershire Voices is working with key people with a broad experience of volunteering to develop a strategy for all in Worcestershire – voluntary, public and private sectors.

What we have done so far:

  • In 2013 we commissioned a report - the Worcestershire Volunteering Research Report 2013 - which looked at volunteering from every angle: national picture, public sector, business sector and from the volunteer's (or potential volunteer's) perspective. One of the key recommendations of the report was that we "create a high level county-wide joined up approach to volunteering" which should build on the successes here in Worcestershire but also draw on the best practice from other local authority areas and other organisations.
  • In January 2014 we organised a workshop which brought together a diverse group of people to develop the vision for volunteering in Worcestershire and develop a 'road map' to achieving that vision. The Volunteering Strategy Workshop Report explains the vision and how it will be taken forward.
  • In June 2014, as part of National Volunteers Week, we held a joint event with Worcestershire County Council to celebrate volunteering across the county.  A number of volunteer champions shared their volunteering experiences and motivations and the event was attended by over 80 organisations showcasing their work in the marketplace.  Click here to view more information about the event including a video and profiles of the volunteer champions.  Worcestershire Voices is hoping to put on another event next year building on this event and the theme of celebrating volunteers in the county. Feedback from the June event can be found here.
  • In December 2014 we organised an Action Planning Workshop. A wide cross section of people from across the Voluntary and Public Sectors along with some from the Business Community worked on things which could be done to make a difference to the volunteering and in particular informal opportunities across Worcestershire. The key themes which the participants identified included the following:
      • Partnership particularly with Business Sector:
      • Do-It website:
      • Charter and Shared Resources:
      • Self Resilience and Community Connectors:
      • Promotion / Marketing / Branding:
      • Recruitment / Training / Support / Retention / Reward of Volunteers  
  • We recognise that there will be many different successful approaches including those which particularly encourage informal opportunities and we are keen to involve others. Your experiences - both successful and less so - can help others.
  • The Volunteer Charter which came out of Volunteers Week in 2014 is included below.

How you can get involved:

  • Read the Reports
  • Share your views on our Forum
  • Get in touch to make your contribution to help others

Relevant documents and links:

Worcestershire Volunteering Research Report - July 2013

Volunteering Strategy Workshop Report - January 2014 

Volunteering Action Planning Workshop Report - February 2015

Volunteering Research and Reference Documents

Volunteering Charter (2014) - Worcestershire Volunteer Centre

People Helping People Report


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