Worcestershire Voices - Volunteering Research


This research was commissioned by Worcestershire Voices. It was conducted between March and July 2013. The findings are drawn from the results of two surveys (one with organisations and one with members of the general public), interviews with key stakeholders; desk research and focus groups.

This report presents a profile of volunteering in Worcestershire in 2013. It explores the current extent of volunteering, attitudes, motivations and benefits, and presents a picture from seven key perspectives:

  1. General Public
  2. Volunteers
  3. Organisations with Volunteers
  4. Businesses
  5. Public Sector
  6. Recruitment and Brokerage Services
  7. National policy and innovations

Volunteering is an integral part of life in Worcestershire. Our household survey of over 300 adults showed:

  • 47% give unpaid help as an individual to neighbours, friends and people in their communities (informal volunteering).
  • 52% volunteer through clubs, groups and organisations (formal volunteering)
  • Overall 69% volunteer in some way

Value of Volunteering

Volunteering brings enormous benefits to individuals, to organisations and to communities. This research provides powerful evidence about its social and economic impact. Key findings show:

  • 71% volunteer to improve things/help people
  • Across all sectors, 95% have positive perceptions of Volunteering
  • Estimated annual economic value is £811M


Volunteering roots people in their communities and creates stronger social networks and a more cohesive society.

"Volunteering can provide a ‘heart’ to the community".

In the face of economic downturn, cuts in services and increased unemployment and hardship there’s a clear need for communities to be more resilient and supportive.